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On Hexane, Retinol, and my perpetual laziness 
15th-Nov-2010 12:35 am
Lloyd: In-Your-Face
It's been quite a long time since I've visited my blog. Partly because my will to write is essentially nonexistent when I'm at home. So now, I'm blogging because my head is brimming with the will to write mainly because I'm at school and such. Apart from that, my head is suffering from a weird case of migrane which me and my labmates suspect might be hexane poisoning.

Hexane, C6H14 is a hydrocarbon, an organic molecule consisting of Carbon and Hydrogen. It is volatile, and highly flammable. The university, in all its glory, has a lab without exhaust. And I was weighing hexane samples, not in fume hood as protocol dictates, since the analytical balanced can't be disturbed, let alone moved to the fume hood. Furthermore, I was working with a shroud that covers the balance, myself and the immediate area since my sample, retinol, is light-sensitive. So yeah. Dark lab, shroud... I'll let you use your imagination.

So, why retinol? It's part of my thesis. I won't go into the details on my thesis at the moment, as I have a really bad headache and I choose not to dwell in the complexities of microwave chem (O RLY BERNARD? Vitamin+microwave isn't simple enough for you?). The good news is, that the sample preparation part of my thesis is 1/4 done. So that means I've done a quarter of a third of what I have to do. So that's 1/12. I could probably be done by the week after next. It's a pretty short protocol compared to the other theses.

And so, that's why my current acad-related theme song would be Cruel Angel's Thesis from the Neon genesis Evangelion OST. LOL. Seriously. You can find me singing/humming it while working at the lab.

My other theme song at the moment is Moonlight Densetsu, from bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. Don't ask me why. Long story.

Ah well... That's it for now.
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