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Existencially Fallacious
I'm begging the question here...
On Hobbies, Studies, and Hunting Witches. 
10th-Mar-2010 10:17 pm
Watanuki: one and the same
 I'm pretty much done doing a reviewer for my Biochem 121 exam tomorrow. It's 3-and-a-half pages long, which is relatively short for my standards (my reviewers are known to reach up to eight pages long). Maybe I'm just lazy... But I think I'm being more studious than ever. I'm replacing some of my counter-productive habits with more productive ones... So I guess I should blog more again.

Right now I'm pretty much wasted due to all that work. I was using my smallest handwriting possible (I usually write with a pretty large "font" LOL), and I had to run through an impossibly long sequence of PDF's (approximately 260 slides filled with diagrams and stuff). All the while I had songs blasting at me. I felt much like Michael from Witch Hunter Robin. Ahahaha. I purchased a DVD of the series back at TAGCOM, and I liked it. I'd also love to see a Robin cosplayer someday.

I haven't drawn anything serious in ages... When I do, I'm just forcing myself, and that makes my work a bit substandard... I just don't get inspired to draw anymore. It's been washed away by the different chemicals swimming in my brain (Ethidium Bromide being one of them). But when it comes to inspiration, I find the drive to write again. I don't know... Can't I just grab a balance between literature and art? It's pretty frustrating if I can only concentrate on one at a time... But I like the fact that my writing's coming back... It's been quite literally years since I've felt words leave my fingers and into the keyboard. I'm planning to start updating my discontinued fanfiction, and maybe even write a novel.

I also got myself a copy of Anvil Studio (basically synthesizes notes and puts them down to score), and I'm composing a tune for one of the poems I wrote back then. Then, I'm translating it to Japanese so Hatsune Miku can sing it on Vocaloid. Hahaha. I'm not musically inclined... I mean, it takes me forever to come up with a decent combination of notes while struggling with Anvil Studio's piano interface... And when I play with a real piano I simply tend to make noise... But I miss playing my flute. I don't think I can play it at school like I used to... I'll be the laughingstock of the entire campus if I do... But I'm pretty much drawn to music, nowadays. 

Which makes me wonder. My hobbies are not really close to my course. I mean, with what I can accomplish, I could have taken up fine arts, or journalism, but I took up Biochemistry. What's up with that? The fact that I chose Biochemistry, or rather, Biochemistry chose me, either strikes me as bad life planning, or simply the power of hitsuzen.Amazing how I've come this far on my course, on the brink of entering my fourth year (hopefully with an intact GWA) going against every obstacle... I recently fancy myself waking up to be a wee little highschooler again... How would I go with the past seven years differently, now that I have the collective knowledge and wisdom of the past few years... But then again, I tell myself, I don't want to go through all that crap again... I mean, would I be as strong as I was when my father died, now that I know he's gonna die in that specific hour? Or will I ever savor my achievements knowing full well I'll achieve them anyway? Worse yet, I might get overconfident and lose instead. Oh well.  
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