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Existencially Fallacious
I'm begging the question here...
[convention report] Ozinefest 2010: Despair tiem is nao. 
11th-Apr-2010 12:44 am
Nozomu: despair
 Event: OzineFest 2010 (DAY 2)
Venue: SM Megamall Megatrade Hall
Went as: Nozomu Itohiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I was actually supposed to cosplay Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss, but I was yet to finish constructing some of his props, and I didn't want to rush it, fearing total and epic failure if I did. So I opted to go with plan B and do Nozomu Itoshiki again.

Upon entering the venue, the cue was incredibly long already. Just then, the familiar wave of excitement that accompanied a cosplay convention swept in (I haven't felt that in a while, so it's a pretty big deal for me :3). Anyway, I dressed into my Kimono and Hakama, donned my wig (which was cooperating, for once) and went in line... I found some people I know, like my schoolmates (or rather, they found me). Upon entering the ticketing booth, Windy, cosplaying Kaito, found me, and I decided to tag along with her for the rest of the con.

It was at this time that I realized that Zetsubou-sensei was indeed a popular character (strange that no one cosplays him, LOL). People kept asking for a picture of me... Sometimes despairing (one instance a photographer went "can I get a dramatic zetsuboushita? :3"). One cosplayer wielding a toy rifle came up to me and wanted a picture. I told him to point the rifle at me. Ahahaha. And then there was this guy complaining why I didn't have a noose... So he proceeded to playchoke me. Ahahaha. What. I think I resorted to like, half a dozen methods of killing myself over the duration of the con.

I bought a Hatsune Miku figurine (albeit a small one) to put on my desk. I was also contemplating on buying a nendroid.

Anyway, we went outside to look for Han. We found her in some sort of secluded place doing her makeup (which according to some, takes up to three hours). We decided to get something to eat first. So... have you ever tried going into a fastfood outlet dressed like something from an anime series? Yeah... It was... kinda awkward (aside from a few akatsuki members and K-on members inside, Han and I looked pretty much the weirdest there).

After that we were back at the con. Han, cosplaying Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, kept being hounded by photographers (in most cases she didn't notice people want to take a picture of her, making us say "Shampoo, somebody needs conditioner", or something to that effect). She had some difficulty with her contact lenses, giving her migrane. She then fell asleep for half an hour or so. :<

Windy kept fangirling over this certain Luka cosplayer (part of a cosgroup that seemed to make every vocaloid more revealing than they already are). I on the other hand... Well, just watched and was in it for the ride. :D

It made me realize... the most fun about cosplaying is having friends to do it with. :)

To all who were with me... To all I met... Thank you... and see you next convention!

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