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Existencially Fallacious
I'm begging the question here...
Why I'm voting for Who I'm voting for. 
8th-May-2010 11:14 pm
Lloyd: In-Your-Face
 As many of you might already know, The Philippine Presidential elections are closing in. I'm pretty sure many of us have our own favorites in the race, and I myself am pretty much getting sick of being asked who I'm voting for. But then again, other than just blurting out the person in question, I'd like to explain how I arrived to such a conclusion. Just to shake things up.

The following tl;dr post, should you choose to read it, contains detailed analyses of each of the nine candidates. My choice was based on personal opinion, campaign style, track record, and the perception of each candidate from the University of the Philippines. The methodology of the selection was a process of elimination, looking through each of the candidates' "stats", eliminating those who score low and choosing those who score high. Here is the analysis:

Note: Not in this is Vetallano Acosta. My source has nothing on him. He didn't even receive any votes in the UP systemwide mock elections. Not that I'll be voting for him anyway.

Name:: Joseph Ejercito Estrada
Party:: Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP)
Platform:: Erap's platform can be summarized into the following: reviving the economy, food security and a truly pro-poor government, ending graft and corruption, balancing the budget, empowering our youth, generating real jobs, and strengthening ties with the international community.
Analysis: His platform solves most of the major problems of the country. The only problem is that it does not go beyond that. He doesn't bring anything new to the table, which would make his presidency prone to mediocrity. Furthermore, if these were the problems he's trying to solve now, how is it any different from those of his previous term as president? Which brings up another point: He was impeached, and found guilty of plunder. Although he was pardoned, he is still a convicted criminal. Having a non-convict run the country is bad enough. Besides, we would look extremely stupid as the only nation who ousted a president, only to re-elect him a few years down the line. In short, I am not voting for Estrada. 

Name: Jamby Madrigal
Party: Independent (but part of the Genuine Opposition)
Platform: Genuine, pro-Filipino industrialization and nationalist economy, Fair and equitable trade and debt, Local people’s control and anti-monopoly-cartel policy, Genuine agrarian reform, Genuine, adequate pro-Filipino protection and rehabilitation of the environment, Fair, equitable and nationalist treatment and empowerment of overseas Filipino workers and migrants, and adequate living standards for all Filipinos, Truly nationalist, pro-Filipino, and pro-people government, Truly nationalist, independent and pro-human-rights Philippine security and peace, Selfless government service free from corruption, patronage, conflict of interest and profiteering from government office, and Genuine equality, empowerment and dignity of women.
Analysis: Her platform is really well-written. But it stops there. It's quite unrealistic. Although it addresses new issues like the environment and women's rights, which is a plus from Erap, her statement is really idealistic. Surely, these things will come, but not in the span of six years. Filipinos like seeing results then and there. Jamby's ideals could take decades to accomplish. Apart from that, She doesn't seem as much as a strong character compared with the other candidates. She lacks charisma. Having said that, I am not voting for Madrigal.

Name: John Carlos De Los Reyes
Party: Ang Kapatiran
Platform: one cannot be found at the moment
Analysis: I knew very little of him until now (heck, even now, I know very little, I couldn't even find his platform statement). He's a virtual unknown to most, but he's being backed up by the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines. I would have considered and weighed him more, if he had a decent enough campaign to make his name known (actually, until the mock elections at UP, which he didn't score high on, I didn't even know one such person was running). He could have at least set up a website (he uses his party's), or made his platform more visible. So right now, it's too late to consider him a candidate for leader of the country. His too low a profile doesn't earn my vote. I am not voting for De Los Reyes. 

Name: Nicanor Perlas
Party: Independent 
Platform: His platform is mindbogglingly long, lookig more like a constitution than a simple statement. In a nutshell, his "six pillars" are Eradicate Poverty and Enhance Quality of Life for all, Advance Moral and Effective Governance, Uphold the Integrity of Creation, Build Partnerships for Social Justice, Promote Creative Education and Inner Change and Mainstream Visionary Initiatives
Analysis: He has an impressive track record, albeit not a political one. He has never run for public office, which is a minus, because having an inexperienced politician run the country is like trusting a ship to an inexperienced captain. However, he is intelligent and passionate, which makes him a good advisor to a higher power, as what he has done over his career. But being the higher power itself is a completely different thing. It would have been better if he tried for senate first. I am not voting for Perlas.

Name: Eduardo Villanueva
Party: Bangon Pilipinas
Platform: Eradicate Bad Governance, Energize the Economy, Elevate the Living Standards of the People, Empower the People, Emancipate the people, Educate the People, Establish peace and order in our Land. 
Analysis: What strikes me about Brother Eddie is not his platform. It's his job. He is a spiritual leader in charcge of the Jesus is Lord Church, not to mention a broadcaster of, you guessed it-Christian Channels. As a Christian myself, you'd think that's a plus for me, but unfortunately, no. I believe in separation of Church and State. Having an evangelist run the country might be enlightening, but I don't think it will sit well with our Muslim brethren. Running the state is a secular business. And for a person who has devoted their whole life to God, I don't think he'll be good running things secular-style. That's why I am not voting for Villanueva.

Name: Benigno Aquino III
Party: Liberal Party
Platform: It's not summary friendly, so I'll just nutshell it. Basically, he's trying to change the system from the "traditional" to the "noynoy" way in terms of Transformational Leadership, Economy, Government Service, Gender Equality, Peace and Order, and Environment.
Analysis: His intentions seem good. And his campaign strategy is real great. But one this bugs me: He has not passed a single bill in Senate. Apart from that, I can't nitpick about his credentials (or lack thereof). To tell you the truth, the moment former president Corazon Aquino died, I already predicted that an Aquino will run for president. Seriously, he has nothing else than pedigree. Just because your mom brought back democracy doesn't mean you'll do the same. Just because your dad fought a dictator and died in the process won't make you a good leader. To use the argument of LOL PARENTS=LOL SON doesn't make sense. Those traits are not genetically passed down.Even the propaganda in his favor fails to make sense. I'm sorry for being vitriolic, but I wouldn't be voting for Aquino. 

Name: Manuel Villar Jr.
Party: Nacionalista Party
Platform: I'll just copy-paste its introduction since it wasn't particularly "summary friendly": "The main thrust of our platform is emancipating the people from poverty and injustice. Self reliant and sustainable economic development program shall be pursued by implementing agrarian reform, increasing agricultural productivity and developing domestic industries. The problems of environmental destruction, climate change and recurring calamities shall be comprehensively addressed. High priority shall be given to education, health, housing and other basic social services.Economic development should be coupled with reforms ensuring social equity and respect for human rights. People empowerment and good governance are vital to implementing meaningful reforms in the economy, politics, culture and foreign relations.A foreign policy based on respect for national sovereignty and ensuring mutual benefit shall be charted. The policy of economic liberalization and blind adherence to “globalization” must be reviewed. Unequal economic, military and other foreign treaties and agreements must be corrected."
Analysis: Villar is the top gun of the elections. He's charismatic, his platform is sound and believable, and he's got a lot of media coverage. Surely one might think I'll vote for him, given the qualifications. One thing bars me from doing so: he's shady. He's spent billions on Campaign ads. Win or lose, he's gonna want to get his investment back. Personally, I don't think anyone who's gone through a rags-to-riches story like his (lie or not), doesn't want to get even richer. The position of President of the Philippines doesn't pay much, unless of course you steal from the public coffers, or build some nice roads next to them subdivisions. Now I'm not too sure which is the lesser evil: him winning, and potentially ruining the country financially by draining what little we have left, or him losing and pulling some strings to get rich again. I bet the Philippines has a better chance without him as a president, mind you. Besides, his campaign jingle irritates me to no end. No folks, I won't be voting for Villar.

Which narrows it down to the top two candidates in my book. Having eliminated the rest, I find it fitting to analyze these two with more scrutiny. 

Name: Richard Gordon
Party: Bagumbayan
Platform: Nutshelling it, here are the keywords of the platform... Social responsibility, reinvent government, fortify law and order, build a strong and growing economy, provide adequate health care, create jobs, secure decent homes and land, reinforce the family, and preserve the environment.
Analysis: He has the most impressive political track record of any candidate, not to mention topping the UP systemwide mock elections with a wide margin against his nearest competitor. However, his "manifesto of change", as it will, sounds vague to me. It's more realistic than say, Jamby's platform, but how does he intend to solve all the issues he's highlighted? He's done loads of things, and he probably will do even more, but the fact remains that he has not set down a clear plan. Maybe this is a guy who plans it as he goes along or something... But if that's the case, I don't think that'll be the type of style that will get us through in the long run. In my opinion, if you want something done, say what's on your mind at the very beginning, with maximum transparency (heck, even Jamby trumped him in this regard). And the fact that despite his improvement of the Subic area, his rule didn't sit well with the locals bothers me. Sorry folks, I won't be voting for Gordon.

Name: Gilbert Teodoro Jr.
Platform: again nutshelling the keywords, The platform contains a social agenda (which includes Universal Participative Health Care, Improving Public Health Sectors, Basic Education Sector Reform, Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Technical and Vocational Trainings, and Protection of Migrant Workers), and other agendas for Hastening Economic Development, Improving Governance, and Environmental Sustainability.
Analysis: As you might have already guessed, I will be voting for Teodoro. Here's why: He's incredibly intelligent. He has a few doctorates, not to mention a Harvard diploma. His platform is realistic and concise. It tells what has to be done to address the nation's problems, and it tackles said problems head on, and in what I see is an efficient manner. His social agenda in particular, focuses a lot on education, which strikes a chord with me. I can totally relate to his solutions, since these are the solutions I myself would be good for the country (see my youngblood entry for more details). The only dirt In can dig up on this guy is that he's pro-administration. But I reason... No way. This guy's too smart to be a Gloria crony. Besides, who cares what position he's in, if he could do the job, then I'm all for it.

Now, I may not be a master at defending my position against attacks. I might receive comments about my erroneous arguments. That's fine with me. With the polls just days away, It will take a lot to shake off what I've completed right here.

Now for the question whether my candidate is sure to do the job of fixing this godforsaken land, let's just hope and pray.

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