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Existencially Fallacious
I'm begging the question here...
On 2010 
31st-Dec-2010 02:02 pm
Live from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, here comes the year-ender post!

Judging by the lack of posts this 2010, I can safely say that my will to write has been far overshadowed by my immense desire to just get through the year with the minimum amount of discomfort, which has proved disastrous, considering the year 2010 wasn't exactly my year. so hence, the traditional look back on the year that was starts now.

Domestic affairs.
Nothing exactly noteworthy about 2010 on domestic affairs, except the two international sojourns (three, to be precise) in the form of trips to Macau, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. The former two was the clan going on a summer trip, while my current status is due to my mother going to work for the next year as a senior lecturer at a local university. Other than that, not much is different with my family now than the last quarter of 2009.

Ended my third year of University and started off on my fourth year. as a fourth year student, I was expected to take on the dreaded Biochemistry thesis series, biochem 199 and Biochem 200. And then there are all sorts of advanced courses, that, thankfully enough, have been better than my more basic courses. I've become more proficient in studying, perfecting how I take on subjects. Very little barely passing grades and more on the lines of higher mediocrity. Still barely holding on to the slim possibility of graduating with honors, but I've learned that just graduating this march should be enough for me to have some pride about my scholarly abilities. Watch out world, I shall expose the effect of microwave radiation on fat-soluble vitamins!

Last June, I was elected president of the University of the Philippines-Manila Ongaku Manga Anime Kosupure Eiga organization, which achieved its biggest member turnout in recorded history (that is, not counting the history that was lost, LOL). This year also started with the previous AY doing quite a lucrative maid cafe, although much is to be desired still. Went back to DLing anime, but I follow so few series.

This year was a disappointment in terms of cosplaying, since I've been referring to my default Nozomu Itoshiki portrayal, which also leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing new aside from him, since I've still have to gather enough resolve to finish on my Jade Curtiss Costume. Mostly, it's due to my recent laziness in attending conventions, due to the decline of Hyper Chappy Club. But I've remembered that I should look forward to just hanging out with my old cosplay friends, and potentially new ones (made some, albeit not close enough ones this year). Looking forward to having a group with you guys!

I'll finish my thesis and do it so well, the panel won't get anything on me. I'll finish my last year of University and laugh at the face of adversity. I'll finish the piling cosplay plans: Jade, Shujin, Nura, and Abel. I'll become a licensed chemist, in the top ten of the examinations, and will approach my goal of becoming... THE GREATEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!
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